Molly G. from Weston: 

Kay is the St Francis of pet groomers! This woman is AMAZING! Not only is she a fantastic groomer, she is kind, loving and thoughtful.  She has a way of making each pet (and family) feel like they are her favorite!

I have a standard poodle and a cockapoo that she has taken care of for six years. I wouldn't consider letting anyone else groom them. She pays close attention to their safety, well-being and their needs, always loving them as her own. My family trusts her tremendously! From the moment we walk through her doors, it is obvious she will pay one hundred percent attention to our pets and that they will get the best care possible. Not only do we adore Kay, our dogs go crazy for her. I know she has a sixth sense and relates to them on a level only animals can comprehend!! I would follow her to the ends of the earth and am thrilled that KAY-9 Luvs & Suds is now coming straight to my driveway!


Paul Z. from Framingham: 

My sweet rescue, white mongrel furball, Zoe, flunked dog obedience school – she was nasty and was asked not to return.  I could live with that because she’s, well...our Zoe!  Zoe is not a car dog.  She associates a car ride with a vet visit and that inevitably means a muzzle. Never pleasant.  But after she met Kay, she was confused by the car because she never really knew where she was going – to the “evil vet” or the “great groomer”.  The fact that Kay now pulls up to our house in her shiny KAY-9 Luvs & Suds van, has helped to reduce all that stress and confusion!

After time with Kay, my Zoe looks marvelous, and it seems she knows it.  The transformation from ragamuffin to beautiful lady never fails to amaze me.  And for the next day or so she doesn't strut around like a diva, but seems more relaxed, as if she came from a spa.

I’ve seen Kay at work.  You can tell she knows and loves every dog.  Of course she does the shampooing, trimming and sculpting that are requisite of grooming, but it’s the cooing, petting and massaging that makes the dog’s day as well.  Believe me, they remember! And I know she’ll tell me what a wonderful girl Zoe was, but I can rest assured that if Kay sees anything wrong she’ll give me a heads up on that too.


Peggy P. from Framingham: 

I’ve been bringing my rescue terrier to Kay for almost five years—since “Scruffy” had his first haircut. He is beyond excited when he sees her!  He loves Kay, and she loves him.  We trust her to give him the very best care.  She always checks with me to see if I’m happy with her work and then checks at the start of every appointment to see if there’s anything I’d like to change.  She sings to him and hugs him and treats him like her own dog—we’re lucky to have found her!


Nicci C. from Framingham:

My chow-mix, Carly, gets her monthly wash and clip with "Auntie Kay," and she loves her! And that's saying a lot because Carly generally hates getting wet at all. And like most dogs, she would prefer that nobody ever touches her feet. But Kay has such a calming and positive manner and she handles each dog with so much love and patience, that Carly loves and trusts Kay and so do I.


Ron & Deb from Waltham:

We’ve been bringing our 14 year old shia-poo, Toby, to Kay for almost 6 years.  The instant you meet Kay, she treats you like family and your dog like it was her own.  We thought we were the ultimate dog lovers…Kay is by far the most loving and caring dog person you will ever meet.  The moment you are with her you know your dog couldn’t be in better hands.  She is in your dog’s face hugging them, kissing them, singing to them, talking to them and loving them.  She takes so much pride in what she does and has so much fun doing it.  Toby always looks so handsome and happy after his groom.  There is no other person we would trust grooming our dog than Kay.  Believe us when we say that Kay is a treasure!!


Jeanmarie from Weston:

Kay has been luving and sudsing my Havanese, Gracie for a few years. It is a bonus for our family that she has a sparkly new truck and Gracie doesn't have to leave home (nor do I) to get a spa day in. Kay is a natural with dogs and unbelievably talented at grooming! Gracie looks forward to Kay's visits and so do I!


Victor from Framingham:

My Springer Spaniels have known Kay all of their lives. They love her, and she loves them. Grooming had been a stressful experience until Kay began her career. They go with her without a backward glance, tails wagging. Now with the van, it could not be any better for them. They go out to the driveway, and before you know it they are back in the house all clean and pretty. I would recommend Kay to anyone. She is a total professional with the skill and caring you want your dogs to experience.









KAY-9 Luvs & Suds LLC

Kay Helberg, Owner & Founder





I can't wait to travel to you! I work within a 10 mile radius of FRAMINGHAM, MA including: Sudbury, Weston, Wayland, Natick, Wellesley AND MORE...