About Us

KAY-9 Luvs & Suds is a self-contained, state-of-the-art mobile grooming salon that comes right to your home! I promise to treat every dog as if it were my very own - in the most caring and thoughtful way possible. I want to not only make your dog look great, but have a wonderful grooming experience as well. Therefore, there will be lots and lots of  “Luvs” involved, and I will only use “Suds” that are made from the best premium natural products. I primarily use Bobbi Panter pet products which are very high in essential oils and SOOS Dead Sea Spa Products made with dead sea minerals, vitamins, essential oils and plant extracts.


I am committed to providing undivided, one-on-one attention to your dog that a stationary grooming salon can’t give. My intention is to transform the way you and your pet experience grooming! No more dreaded trips to the grooming salon where your dog could get stuck sitting in a cage all day. No separation anxiety or car rides involved, as your dog will be able to see your home from the van window! The process usually takes an hour and a half to two hours (depending on the breed) and you don't even need to be at home once we've developed a regular schedule - it's up to you!

"I am committed to providing one-on-one attention to your dog that a stationary grooming salon cannot offer."

My van comes with a “Smart Table” which makes grooming older dogs that need to sit or lay down more often, more feasible. It includes a table-to-tub bridge that helps with the fear of being lifted for some large dogs.

The van is an all-weather van that has both an inverter and a generator, so there is no need to plug into your home for power, or use your water. And the used "gray water" will not be dumped in your driveway, but recycled in my flower garden at home.

I look forward to pampering your pet with love and attention and a high-quality grooming experience!

I'm a mobile groomer; I come to your MetroWest, Massachusetts driveway: Framingham, Natick, Sudbury, Wayland, Weston etc.


Not only do we adore Kay, our dogs go crazy for her. I know she has a sixth sense and relates to them on a level only animals can comprehend!

Kay has such a calming and positive manner and she handles each dog with so much love and patience, that Carly loves and trusts Kay and so do I.


- Nicci, mom of Carly

- Molly, mom of Fran & Lily

KAY-9 Luvs & Suds LLC

Kay Helberg, Owner & Founder





I can't wait to travel to you! I work within a 10 mile radius of FRAMINGHAM, MA including: Sudbury, Weston, Wayland, Natick, Wellesley AND MORE...